Ear Acupuncture Healing Stories

I get a lot from coming to ear acupuncture it helps me to stay focused and gives me a lot of positive energy. I feel it makes me more balanced which enables me to deal with my daily life better. I have treatments regularly.



I came to ear acupuncture because I was feeling low and anxious and not sleeping well. After a few sessions I noticed a huge improvement in my emotions. I feel a lot better now.



I received regular auricular acupuncture treatments (from Yasmin Valli) over a period of several months, and I feel it supported me through a very difficult time when I was experiencing a lot of emotional distress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Yazz has an amazing ability of putting people at ease, and creates a very therapeutic, safe, respectful space to which she brings a holistic and professional approach to all her clients. I had never had acupuncture before, so I was not sure what to expect. I was amazed, the acupuncture had a very calming and releasing effect, and I found that I slept better, and felt more empowered and balanced after treatments. A few times I experienced a strong emotional response to a treatment, and Yazz always had a lovely calm way of making that feel ok, that it was part of the healing process. I would highly recommend Yazz as an acupuncturist because of her empathic and sensitive approach to her work and to her clients. I found the atmosphere of healing and relaxation was just what I needed!



I came to Ear Acupuncture because I was going through a very stressful relationship break up. I was sleeping very badly and feeling very overwhelmed with stress, worry and anxiety. I found the sessions very supportive and over the course of six sessions noticed I was sleeping better. I found it very helpful for releasing emotions out in to the open and for releasing general tension and stress.



I have been receiving regular Ear Acupuncture treatments from Yasmin for a while now. I wanted to have sessions because I was feeling very dizzy and quite stressed out. I feel a lot more balanced after regular treatments and the dizziness has stopped completely. I’ve now stopped taking medication from my doctor because the acupuncture has made me feel so much better.




“With Fright,the Qi goes into Chaos. The Spirit has no place to return to” 

(Zhu Tong Lun- Elemantary Questions)


“Acupuncture is valuable because it helps the patient prepare for the future, not merely cope with the past.”

(Yuan College)