Thai Yoga Massage Testimonials

Rhian Bowley

My Thai Yoga Massage sessions with Yasmin made me feel balanced relaxed and detoxified. I always felt calm and kinda spacey and slept well after each session. I felt like I’d had a good stretch too due to Yoga stretches that are part of the treatment.


The work Yasmin did on the energy lines going down my arms & legs always felt powerful, like something was definitely being cleared or tapped into. I had some interesting effects from the energy line work including ear ache developing straight after a line had been worked, which in my mind shows that energy is being moved.


A different experience from other massages which is a treat in itself, I would choose a Thai yoga treatment from Yasmin when I wanted to feel rebalanced or relaxed, or at any time as a treat for my body as well as my mind.

Sally Clarke

I started having Thai massage with Yasmin about 1 year ago. I tried it to help with my general wellbeing as I sometimes have periods where my sleep isn’t very good and my work life makes me feel quite stressed.


I have to say that Thai massage is now my favourite treatment. It is such a relaxing massage with some really good stretches in the middle. There are quite alot of yoga position that Yasmin puts me in. After the massage I always feel calm, relaxed and positive and definitely feel it helps to keep me grounded, my sleep has also improved.


Another benefit of the treatment is that it’s been really helpful with my digestion and with keeping my bowel movements regular after the birth of my son. This is something that I was struggling with prior to starting the sessions and post birth. I will definitely keep having this massage with Yasmin due to the benefits to my health.


Patricia Walker

I was hooked on Thai Massage from the very first time I tried it - I have had a number of more conventional style massages over the years, but this fitted the bill in so many more ways: I felt relaxed yet energised, stretched and supple, good about myself internally and externally. It was as if the channels in my body had been unblocked and everything was able to circulate freely again. I can honestly say that I have walked into a session with Yasmin feeling totally stressed and in desperate need of a holiday and walked out feeling as though within that hour I had had my holiday!





1st session 1.5 hours: £50.00 (with 15 min consultation)


Subsequent Sessions 1 Hour £35.00


2 hour massage: £65.00


1.5 hour massage £50.00


Back of legs & back of body massage 30mins: £20.00


Feet and leg massage: 30mins: £20.00



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