Training and Credentials

Ear Acupuncture


 I trained and qualified at the Yuan Traditional Medical College in London, and have been practicing Ear Acupuncture since May 2005.


The Yuan College offers three main levels of attainment, as well as individual modules aimed at specific health issues. The three main levels that I’ve completed are as follows:-


  • Level One: Detoxification
  • Level Two: Liver Wellness
  • Level Three: Body Balance


I’ve also completed a mental health module.


The training and courses I’ve completed have taught me eighty points in the Ear.


Since qualifying as a Practitioner, I have worked in group clinics for two separate charities. In addition, I regularly treat private clients.




 I have practiced Reiki since 2002 when I completed My First Degree course in Nepal, my remaining training has been completed in the UK.


As a Reiki Master Practitioner I have completed:

  • First Degree Reiki
  • Second Degree Reiki
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Level One Karuna Ki Reiki


This gives me excellent knowledge of Reiki allowing me to give a high standard of treatment to clients.


 Indian Head Massage


  I studied Indian head massage at Northbrook College in Worthing in 2004. I’ve been practicing since then.


Anatomy And Physiology


I've completed a Level 3 ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology in 2012.


Thai Yoga Massage


I studied Thai Yoga Massage with two teachers Kira Balaskas & Nicky Smith who are both part of The Sunshine Network. I Recieved my final qualification with Kira Balaskas from The School of Thai Yoga Massage.


The Sunshine Network was founded by Asokananda who is arguably one of the leading western teachers of Thai Yoga Massage.


The Sunshine Network encourage their practitioners to provide a high quality treatment for their clients. Huge emphasis is placed on providing a deep healing experience by providing more than simply a physical massage.


 I am a member of the CTHA


Yasmin Valli