Reiki Healing Stories

After a period of extended and extreme stress, I was diagnosed by my doctor with having post traumatic stress disorder, and to address the imbalances in my life which were aggravating my health and wellbeing.


This was linked to prior emotional, physical and psychological trauma and was manifesting in my body physically and emotionally. Physically I was experiencing skin allergies, headaches, back aches and insomnia. Emotionally, I felt unbalanced and totally alienated from my core self. I felt in an internal state of numbness, a state I had created to cope with the overwhelming stressors I had been experiencing. It was obvious to the doctor, and also to me that the physical illness had emotional pathways. The doctor advised me to take some time out from work and to ‘be kind to myself’ and look at ways of reducing and calming the levels of stress.


I felt very strongly I needed a set of sessions of reiki to restore my emotional balance and thus alleviate the associated physical symptoms.


The first session of reiki with Yasmin was extremely powerful, and I reached an out of body state, and experienced aural and visual hallucinations.


Subsequent treatments have been less extreme, although equally as powerful and after 6 treatments I am significantly more balanced emotionally and much of the physical symptoms have disappeared.


Yasmin has a natural empathy and works intuitively and in sympathy with one’s self. She is perceptive and works subtly, yet powerfully on different levels. Her person centred approach enhances client's trust and respect, aiding the healing process. She works in a holistic way, incorporating, and advising on additional factors that impact on health and well-being. Often she went beyond the forum of reiki and would advise on other aspects of my life that needed fine tuning!


She is professional, informative and knowledgeable and works in a safe and supportive way. I would highly recommend Yasmin and her gift of healing through reiki.




I have been receiving treatments now from Yasmin now for 5 years. Yasmin is always totally open, non-judgemental and very caring in her approach. She never fails to make me feel comfortable and reassured. Her Reiki treatments provide a lovely space to feel totally relaxed and wrapped up in regenerative warmth. After every treatment I feel much more balanced, and open to all the positives that life has to offer.




I’ve had regular sessions of reiki with Yasmin and really enjoyed them. I found the first session very interesting I had many memories from my childhood come back to me. I felt like I was in a dream like state. When Yasmin was working on one particular chakra my right arm flew backwards and felt like it was not in my control. Yasmin explained very sensitively to me this was because I had some blocked energy. Further sessions were much calmer and I always noticed positive effects after the treatments. I noticed my breathing was much deeper than before and I always felt very calm and relaxed too. I also saw many beautiful colours during the treatments.